SC 114


SC 114, which performs automatic and fast cutting of PVC profiles in different lengths with adjustable saw speed, has a 10-length profile loading capacity (Maximum Length 6500mm). It can automatically take the profiles from the loading band and cut them to the desired dimensions. It can easily cut wide profiles with a 500mm diameter saw.

Automatically cuts all angles between 30 ° and 150 ° with 0.1 ° precision through servo motors. It automatically transfers the cut pieces to the off-load station. It offers the opportunity to transfer data from wireless network connection or USB. It provides service by remote connection method and provides problem detection and solution by connecting to the entire automation system.

There is a 15 ”touch screen, Windows 10 operating system, a high performance industrial PC operating between 0 ° C - 55 ° C without fan. With the automatic conveyor belt system, scrap profiles are transferred to waste containers. It is fully integrated with window - door production software. All error messages can be displayed on the screen with the interface program developed by the Haffner Makina Software Department. It is offered with optional Barcode Printer (AK 003).