NR 242NR 242 Profile Machining Center


NR 242 Profile Machining Center offers the possibility of stacking 10 profiles up to 6500 mm long on the loading belt. The servo motor controlled profile holder, which can be positioned horizontal automatically, has the ability to hold profiles of different designs and sizes and drive them into the machine. Thanks to the sensor on the profile holder, the profile lengths placed on the loading belt can be automatically measured and put into production using optimization.

The system is offered with 19 ” high performance industrial PC with Windows 10 operating system, operating without fan between 0 ° C - 55 ° C, placed on an ergonomic unit designed independent from the machine, including a user-friendly interface developed by Haffner Machinery. Profiles to be milled and cut can be viewed on the computer screen in 3D and manually processed on the screen. It can work integrated with door and window software of different brands. Apart from these connections, data can be transferred to the machine using the USB port. With both vertical and horizontal pneumatic clamping pistons, the profiles are fixed in the best way and milling and cutting processes are made with minimum tolerance. 

Thanks to the servo motors in the NR 241 Profile Processing Center cutting station, a vertical saw with a diameter of 500 mm with a precision of 0.1 mm can automatically cut at all angles between 30 ° and 150 °. Axes controlled by servo motors work with high speed and precision, ensuring a superior cutting result. Cutted profile parts are automatically carried on the conveyor belt system and carried in front of the operator in order to place the support sheet and stick the labels with barcode written. Integrated barcode printer system simultaneously writes barcode on the label to be attached to the profile parts that come in front of the operator. Labels with barcodes are manually pasted on the profiles by the operator. Production integration is achieved thanks to the readability of the barcodes by CNC Welding and Corner Cleaning machines. Thanks to the second screen located in the transfer station, it is possible to easily follow the production.

Profiles with support sheet and barcode are automatically transported to the milling station on the belt. It carries out all machining on the profile with maximum precision with 16 standard tools on the milling group. In addition to opening angled water discharge channels, it is aimed to increase the production capacity by simultaneously processing the mirror, cylinder and arm parts, that takes time to open especially in the door profiles. After the automatic reinforcement screw process, all operations on the profiles are carried out in the same station, including the mounting hole and triple drilling operations. Completed profiles are transported to the exit station with the profile holder. Waste parts remaining after milling and cutting are transported to the waste chamber by the automatic conveyor system. Service support with remote connection, problem detection and solution by connecting to the entire automation system is possible. 

The operating system automatically cleans the unnecessary data of the last session at every startup and shutdown of the machine, ensuring maximum security measures against virus infection and user errors. Daily backup is done automatically to the internal backup unit. The system provides the opportunity to control the production daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with the shift control system. There is a central lubrication system that facilitates machine maintenance.