NR 210Profile Machining Center


NR 210 Profile Processing Center is designed to perform all milling, drilling, support sheet screwing and marking operations on PVC profiles in a single machine with computer control. In this way, the machining performed on 3 different machines (copy milling, water evacuation, screwing) with 3 operators was collected in a single machine, while the production speed and quality standardization was achieved, labor costs were also greatly reduced.

NR 210 Profile Processing Center offers the possibility to stack 10 pieces of profiles cut up to 3500 mm in length on the loading belt. The servo motor controlled profile holder, which can be positioned horizontally automatically, has the ability to hold profiles of different designs and sizes and drive them into the machine. Thanks to the sensor on the profile holder, the lengths of the long profiles placed on the loading band can be measured automatically and taken into production using optimization.

With 16 standard tools on the milling group used in NR 210 Profile Processing Center, it performs all machining on the profile with maximum precision. In addition to opening angled water discharge channels, it is aimed to increase the production capacity by simultaneously processing the mirror, cylinder and arm parts, which take time to open especially in the door profiles. After the automatic support plate screwing, all operations on the profiles are carried out in the same station, including the mounting hole and triple drilling operations. Profile pieces lined up on the conveyor belt at the exit station are automatically transported to the operator one by one. The barcode printer system, which works in integration with the machine, simultaneously writes barcodes on the label to be attached to the profile pieces that come in front of the operator. Labels with barcodes are manually pasted on the profiles by the operator. Production integration is achieved thanks to the readability of the barcodes by CNC Welding and Corner Cleaning machines. Waste parts remaining after milling and cutting are transported to the waste chamber by the automatic conveyor system. Haffner Makine provides service to the NR 210 Profile Processing Center with the method of remote connection and provides problem detection and solution by connecting to the entire automation system. The operating system automatically cleans the unnecessary processes of the last session at every startup and shutdown of the machine, ensuring maximum security measures against virus infection and user errors. Daily backup is done automatically to the internal backup unit. The system provides the opportunity to control the production daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with the shift control system. There is a central lubrication system that facilitates machine maintenance.

It can be converted to NR 241 Profile Processing Center by adding SC 114 Cutting Center to NR 210 Profile Processing Center. In this way, cutting and all milling operations can be done on a single machine. Later, a second NR 210 Profile Machining Center can be added and turned into NR 242 Profile Machining Center. In this way, in addition to all cutting and milling operations on the profiles, the production capacity can be doubled on the same machine.