FA 535 End Milling and Screwing Machine


FA 535 is designed for the end milling of transom in PVC Profiles. It fixes the profile in the best way with vertical pneumatic clamping and horizontal centering clamping system and provides fast and safe working with the automatic middle record wedge feeding unit. It positions the middle record connection wedges used in PVC middle record profiles and performs automatic wedge screwing operations from both sides at once without the need for adjustment. It provides easy use and operation thanks to the touch screen. It provides automatic screwing opportunity with automatic screw feeding unit. (One middle record notching and wedge screwing time 18 ~ 20 seconds.) It is possible to determine the faults and errors on the screen. If necessary, only wedge screwing or notching can be done. It has a mold system that facilitates the change of wedges. It easily performs automatic notching and wedge screwing. Adjustment, position change and notching blade change operations are done easily. It allows automatic screw replacement.