CN 770-20CNC Corner Cleaning Machine


CN 770-20 works with high speed and accuracy with 2 axle servo motors. CN 770 ensures the cleaning quality by using different cleaning tools for white and colored PVC profiles. Ultimate results in corner cleaning by specially designed 11 diff erent tools. White and colored frames as well as gasket retracted and plain profi les can be chosen from the screen and cleaned automatically.

CN 770720  is equipped with ergonomic operator terminal can be easily moved to every corner around the machine, 15” touch screen, high performance industrial PC with Windows 10 operating system and works without a fan activity between between 0°C - 55°C. Ability to connect to a single line machine. All error messages can be monitored from the screen by the software developed by Haff ner Machinery Software Department. By online connection to the entire system, remote detection of malfunctions and maintenance is possible.

Data transfer is available via network connection or USB interface. Infinite number of profile dimensions and properties can be stored. Automatically back-up daily data on internal storage unit. With shift monitoring system, all operations can be controlled daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Central lubrication system to eases the machine maintenance. The rails are specially coated to prevent corrosion.