TA 144Automatic Wedge Cutting Machine


TA 144 Automatic Wedge Cutting Machine can cut Aluminum profiles with high precision with a 600 mm diameter saw that works with the principle of "undercut" and speed can be adjusted. The saw, operating at a 90 ° angle with servo motor control, allows profiles to be cut at the desired height and speed, thus offering a wide cutting range. Again, the servo-controlled profile sliding system allows the profiles to be sliced to the desired length and thanks to the 0.1 mm cutting tolerance, wedges in equal dimensions can be sliced.

The profile lifting system in the TA 144 Automatic Wedge Cutting Machine prevents surface scratches that may occur during the automatic rotation of the heads, and prevents the profiles from being damaged during cutting. The 3 m long profile support conveyor attached to the machine both stabilizes the profile to be cut and allows it to be driven to the machine automatically without any damage. The number of the piece to be cut can be entered manually on the touch screen, and it can also be prepared in advance and sent to the machine from the computer simultaneously by USB or remote connection. In case of interruption in cutting or switching between cutting lists, the machine can automatically continue cutting from where it left off.

In TA 144 Automatic Wedge Cutting Machine, the profile is fixed in the best way with both vertical and horizontal pneumatic compression pistons and the cutting result is achieved with minimum tolerance. Automatic lubrication of the saw during the cutting process ensures the protection and longer life of the saw. Thanks to the control panel designed in accordance with the CE regulation, which enforces two-hand use, it is ensured that work accidents that may occur