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High Speed, High Efficiency with the New Mac 440!

22 March 2021

High Speed, High Efficiency!

The Mac 440 Profile Machining Center is available now with the process headmoving with a speed of 120 m / min in the X axis, provides minimum time loss and maximum production capacity when switching between milling operations. With this value, the Mac 440 surpasses other machining centers that offer an average speed of 70-90m / min in the market. Visit our youtube channel for the full video!

New and Strong Design

The Mac 440 brings Haffner's new design line to life. Turkey's and the world's leading Developed with Arman Design, Turkey’s and world’s one of the most important product design and development consultant, Mac 440 stands out with its simple and powerful lines, impressive details, functional and efficient form that allows further observation and examination.