Our Brand 

Haffner aims to associate its brand with advanced technology, multinationality, high quality and engineering. It carries out its activities by maintaining reliable, result-oriented and competitive company structure and increases its brand value before its stakeholders. The brand “Haffner” is under strick protection in every country that Haffner operates in. 


Haffner acts on the principle of equality with its global perspective. It observes the principle of gender equality in processes such as recruitment, participation in decision-making, promotion and task distribution and combats inequality.


Haffner, prioritizing occupational health and safety, supports quality awareness among employees with regular training programs and activities, and aims to produce products and services in accordance with national and international standards.


It performs in accordance with occupational health and safety legislation by using technologies that minimize the consumption of natural resources and eliminating the dangers that may arise from activities.


Haffner listens to the customer and develops special solutions by addressing their needs one by one. Haffner aims to be the brand with the highest ability to develop customized solutions in its sector and to increase its technical know-how with every solution it develops.

Our Brand
Complete Solutions From One Supplier.
Our Equality
Our Strenght Comes From Our Blief In Equality
Our Quality
Quality is Our Commitment
Our Production
Producing Strategical Solutions
Presenting Custom Made Solutions